Photography credit: Denise Shrimp Photography

Photography credit: Denise Shrimp Photography


Passionate about purposeful design; Alicia is a visual thinker who translates ideas into solutions. Thinking creatively from a marketing point of view, she uses graphic design as a tool for developing concepts and materials that allow businesses to succeed in their markets and drive revenue. She is a firm believer that design is something more than just pleasing to the eye; the best designs will also provide functional solutions to assist clients in achieving their goals.

She loves getting to know her clients, and understanding the passion that drives them, as this is what provides her with the framework to establish effective and strategic design elements to help businesses achieve both short term and long term goals. 

Alicia received a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and she has been working professionally since 2007. She brings her knowledge about design, substrates, marketing, print & digital mediums to her clients. Her work has been distributed locally, nation-wide, and globally. She has a keen understanding of what makes a brand, business, or individual successful, and provides design solutions that are tailored and most effective for each instance.

She offers you reliability, expertise, and a creative mindset. The best part of her work is the relationships she has gained by delivering successful projects to her clients. 

Email Alicia at or call:  415-926-2799. 

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